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Welcome all Crimson Tide or College football fans!

This is the new beginning to Alabama & college football updating. This is only the beginning. Today (April 11, 2017) is day 1 of this website, and will be flooding with content soon.

alabamafootballnewstoday.com will be bringing up to date information on Alabama football & other college football interest. We will have information on Post game reports, schedules, playoff information, and so much more

Win a chance to Author a Blog!

I will be hosting a weekly game. Everyone  that is subscribed (which is free) will send me the weekly prediction of the Alabama score. The closest will get to post an article on his or her choice. This is a chance to get more fans involved!

The winner will be announced Saturday night and will be granted access to author a blog relating to college football, and put whatever they want to discuss. This will be posted Sunday morning on the website for everyone to view

Why should I visit alabamafootballnewstoday.com?

This is nothing but a fan building a website for the Crimson Tide Voice, and other teams as well. This is not some sponsored or hosted website only posting information that is approved. I will be posting what I feel about all topics related & actually interact with the fans!

Get your voice heard & come join the new type of fan website. Interacting & getting the chance to win prizes down the road. Please represent your fellow Alabama fan, and others as well and subscribe when given the chance.

You will also receive up to date info & not charge like other websites do. You will receive all up to date information at no charge. This website is not built to take your money, but hear your voice & create great discussions on our topics & articles!

Here’s a great hype video to watch before the season starts!

Roll Tide,


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THAT was cool! #ROLLTIDE

Apr 11.2017 | 09:42 pm

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