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Tua Tagovailoa showing potential

One thing has been figured out, and that is Tua Tagovailoa is for real! He has shown up to Alabama and put in work immediately. There is no one questioning his work ethic, and that is one of the boxes to be checked off for Nick Saban.

The missing Puzzle Piece

Tua Tagovailoa missing puzzle piece

The next step in the process is getting young players to perform and that is exactly what Tua is doing. He is not taking a back seat to Jalen Hurts, and everyone knew this when he said he would be competing for the starting job as soon as he stepped on campus.

Now Nick Saban may have a real problem on his hands, and that is how much playing time do you give Tua if he keeps this up. We have been shown that he has no issue starting a freshman if he plays to that level. Jalen Hurts was that man last year.

This is only becoming an issue for one reason and that is who the first opponent is, and that would be Florida State. There is no break in time or leeway to give anyone. Tua maybe sitting in Jalen Hurts spot last year, and just maybe get the chance to win the starting job.

A lot of people will disagree & complain stating that Jalen Hurts proved he is the future and is cold as ice, but a lot of people were saying the exact same thing about Blake Barnett last year.

Is Tua the missing puzzle piece to complete a national championship is really what it comes down to. If it’s him or Jalen, and that will be the trending talk as it gets closer to game day. Which one is the chosen one at Alabama.

I have listed out a couple scenarios if things are still tight going into the FSU game between Tua and Jalen.

Alabama vs FSUScenario #1 – Jalen gets the start and for every 3 possessions Tua will get 1, and you ride the hot hand. Jalen at least deserves the start and make Tua take the job from him. If Jalen comes out scoring right away I would suggest sticking with him until we get a comfortable lead.

Scenario #2 РWe get a big enough lead to let Tua  get in for 3 or 4 straight possessions and see how he really is agains the starters. This would be the ideal scenario for Alabama fans of course.

Scenario #3 – We get blown out and put Tua in to see how he plays against possible starters, if not to see how at least he deals with pressure.

Scenario #4 – Throw him into the flames. Make him the starter and say go take the job if you want it. This would be against all gut instincts. But Nick Saban doesn’t care about anyones gut feelings except his own. If he believes Tua is better, he might as well give him the opportunity.

This is all hypothetical of course and assuming that the race for the starting job is really close when they enter the game, and Mac Jones isn’t even mentioned. This situation could go a thousand ways, but we do need to recognize that we got a real problem on our hands. A good one maybe.

Tagovailoa came in as the #1 ranked (Dual Threat) QB coming out of high school. From the moment he mentioned Alabama it has created a stir. If you haven’t at least seen his highlight reel click here or go to 2017 recruits and look under QB.

A lot of people are hoping that the A day game will basically make them fight it out for the starting job, and maybe one of them will step up, and show they are ready for the starting job. By no means am I saying that Jalen won’t do that, because we saw last year, and he isn’t going down without a fight.

Hurts to soon!

One thing we cannot forget is what kind of season Jalen gave us last year. He provided a highlight reel, and really helped Alabama get to the national championship. It does help that we have one of the biggest defensive minds in college football in Nick Saban, and they may leave a window for Tua to sneak in, and prove what he can do.

I just don’t want to be one of those fans to discount Jalen if he doesn’t come out hot against FSU. I feel as though he proved what he can do last year, and don’t want to be to quick to judge. Most people will be holding him to the flames immediately, and maybe calling for his head by the 2nd series of the game.

Tua Tagovailoa train Tua Hype Train

There are many fans that will be chugging along on this one. There are going to be those fans who call for Tua to start immediately. It looks as though he is more accurate, and may have a stronger arm as well. The only thing Jalen has on him is playing time, and we saw how much that mattered last year with David Cornwell.

I’m sure the bandwagon is starting to grow for Tua and it is for a good reason. He proved in High school what he could do by breaking record after record, but we all know this is not high school. This is where linebackers run 4.45’s on a average.

What does Tua Tagovailoa need to do to start?

I honestly think it has to be a couple things, but the main one is Jalen Hurts coming out and stinking it up. If Jalen comes out throwing interceptions & looking confused, then the door is wide open for Tua to get the job.

Tua needs to make the absolute most out of his opportunities. Show he has ice veins like Jalen has, and then Jalen really doesn’t have an advantage on him. Don’t be shy about running, make some good throws and score some points. This will hand him the starting job.

Out performing Jalen is basically the key when it comes down to it. He needs to work harder in practice, out perform him on the field, and show he can be calm in high pressure situations.

It’s Jalen’s job to lose

I honestly think it is Jalens job to lose. I feel as though he has really cemented himself at least as the starter this year. The vibe you are starting to get around Bama nation is that Tua is the future, which seems very strange considering Jalen will only be a sophomore.

One of these quarterbacks will be transferring I feel like. I don’t think it will be this year or maybe next, but I do feel as though one will do it. If Tua out performs Jalen and gets the starting job, I would at least put Jalen at slot receiver. But this is hypothetical.

I really hope that the best QB comes out and takes the job, but I really hope it doesn’t drag throughout a couple of games. I hope one of them cements the job in A game or the game against FSU. Either way I feel as though we have a good situation not many teams have.

Roll Tide,


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Johnathan Lewis



I really liked this page. You have provided a depth of knowledge and information that is as good as any national sportscaster I have ever heard. You have done a very good job of comparing the two quarterbacks and what it will take for either of them to become the starter.

BTW, I am a WVU fan and I have to let you know that Nick Saban is a West Virginia native. I had always hoped that he would eventually end up at WVU but that will probably never happen.

Apr 15.2017 | 02:00 am


    just wanted to thank you for commenting first. It is not a far possibility that Saban could maybe end up at WVU for maybe one season to coach where he grew up. You never knew, not many Alabama fans thought he would end up here.
    Roll Tide,

    Apr 17.2017 | 03:52 am


Man that really does seem to be a predicament. Personally, I have a strong dislike for bandwagoning and that is what seems is mainly going on here. But there is really only one way to find out and see who leaves it on the field.

Jalen though, does have plenty of room to go, only being a sophomore and all so I would like to see him have the chance to hone his game!

Apr 15.2017 | 02:57 am


    First, thanks for the comment. I do agree with all your points. I’m hoping they don’t have to short of a leash on Jalen and give him a chance.

    Roll Tide,


    Apr 15.2017 | 01:07 pm

Ann Foster

I know nothing about the game or the people you are talking about but I read all the blog and noted that it was expertly executed.
I just hope that the best man wins for you.

Apr 15.2017 | 09:52 am


    Really appreciate the comment. I am glad you at least read and found it entertaining. best of luck to you.
    Roll Tide,

    Apr 17.2017 | 03:52 am

Steve & Kris

I definitely think it’s Jalen Hurts job to lose, at this point, he is the proven commodity. Something drastic would have to happen before Saban would start Tua against FSU. That game has so much riding on it, even if it is the first game of the season. I have to hand it to both schools though, for scheduling that game to kick off the season. That should be a great game. Back to the point though, that is a great problem to have if you are a coach. Most programs are struggling to find “the guy”, and it sounds like Alabama has two of them. Alabama never has trouble in the recruiting department, that is for sure. So who do you think it will be for game 1?

Apr 17.2017 | 03:21 pm


    Thanks for commenting. I would take Jalen as the starter for sure. I do think it’s his job to lose as well. But I don’t want to count Tua ouf of it completely. At least give him some reps and show what he has. If he really is performing this well it doesn’t hurt.

    Roll Tide,


    Apr 17.2017 | 04:17 pm

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